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Bright Space is a team of talented strategists, experienced practitioners, creative designers, and writers all with one thing in common – helping your company perform better through purpose, brand and happy people working in a thriving culture.

We work best with businesses experiencing challenges that require their approach to brand communications to work harder and deliver tangible differences and results.

I have a longstanding interest and passion for communication and its impact on audiences.

It started when I studied ‘A’ Level Communication Studies at the age of 16. I then went on to read Communications Studies and Psychology in Australia followed by post graduate diplomas in Marketing & Direct Marketing.As a senior brand and communications professional, I have worked both inhouse in senior marketing roles as well as for a number of creative agencies and consultancies, my main skill is in communicating strategy into something meaningful for audiences to engage with and to want to follow.

My conviction is that the only way a business can influence key audiences is by working within the context of a company’s culture and brand. Many of my recent projects has involved working with clients to develop and align purpose, with a clear vision and set of values and only then look at how the brand and communications needs to work for the business to achieve these. Today’s audiences need to understand more around why you exist and why that matters if you want them to follow you.

I’m happiest uncovering and developing a narrative for a business that feels unique and ownable to them. I do this by speaking to their audiences and employees to find new and better ways of communicating and working together. I’ll keep challenging because I believe every business can express a better version of itself.


My Bright Space

Digging deep. Building better. Sunsets

Ingrid Brown - Bright Space Communications

Nothing is more satisfying than being with a client at that moment when they get how an idea will work for them.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing that reaction in clients many times during my career, and I still don’t tire of it. It’s what get’s me up in the mornings, that and a strong coffee.

I see the work we do as problem solving. It always starts with “what do we want to achieve?”. The work comes in finding how we get there. I say “we”, as I don’t believe in a strict client  / supplier relationship. We are all on the same team. There has to be understanding and the freedom for all to challenge ideas and thinking from both sides.

A background of working across many disciplines and sectors has shown me the importance of insight to meeting the brand and communications challenges businesses face today. Insight gives us that light bulb moment when an idea is born. An idea that brings your brand to life creates distinction and connects with audiences.

I believe too that you never stop learning. Each client brings new approaches, methods, cultures, products and personalities. Over time I have learnt to use the experiences from each in helping to create strategies that allow others to tell their stories in the most engaging way.


My Bright Space

Big ideas. Joining the dots. Coffee

Ian Firth - Bright Space - Principal

A highly experienced, forward thinking designer

I am a conceptually driven all-round creative designer. With skills ranging from blank-sheet of paper creative work through to print and digital I love all aspects of designing creating & building and brands.

Starting from a background in advertising, my work is ideas-led and client-focused. I am skilled at understanding and working with a huge range of business types, sizes & sectors from blue-chips through to start-ups. With over 20 years in design agencies, my last role was the creative director at a leading agency in the south of the UK as well as running my own business helping start-ups establish a brand and grow their businesses.

My wide range interests enable me to draw upon a multitude of experiences to develop new ideas, design concepts and to direct branding projects.


My Bright Space

Exploration. Creation. Music

Martin Philpot - Bright Space - Lead Creative